First blog post

Hey guys! I started this blog because my friends were like you need a blog. So here I am. I adjusted my diet to help with my autoimmune diseases. At first, it was horrible. I thought the food I ate was ok and eatable but not tasty. After much research and experimenting, I have found a new love for food and you will too. I don’t eat any grains including corn or potatoes currently, no refined sugars and for a while, I was dairy free. My children are dairy free.

So what works for me is Cassava Flour*, tapioca flour, coconut sugar, monk fruit sugar and maple syrup. If you are grain free and need new ideas join me as we journey to new health with tasty food along the way.

*Cassava flour is a root. It is the whole root ground.  Tapioca flour is the starch that is removed from Cassava flour.


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