BBQ Ribs on the Grill

My recipes are grain free, refined sugar-free and most are dairy free.  If I want to eat BBQ ribs I have to make them myself. I have yet to find a BBQ sauce on the market that doesn’t have refined sugar. Which means I spent time in my kitchen experimenting with sauces. This is the BBQ sauce I came up with for ribs. I used Cherry Cola Zevia as a way to get a nice sweet flavor that was not refined sugar. Zevia is flavor with stevia. I also add liquid smoke to give it a more smoky flavor.

We recently purchased St. Louis style pork ribs from Costco. I am not sure what they mean by St. Louis style. We grilled them on our Traeger BBQ Grill. We smoked them for about 1 an hour and then cooked them. Great with American baked beans and coleslaw.


3 racks of pork ribs

salt and pepper

garlic powder

onion powder

Keto  BBQ Sauce

Getting ready to BBQ Pork Ribs


Salt and pepper both sides of your ribs. Sprinkle garlic powder and onion powder on both sides of your ribs. Take ribs out to your bbq and grill on high for 10 mins. Take ribs off the grill. Using a BBQ brush slather keto BBQ sauce on to the ribs. Wrap in tin foil. Bring ribs to the grill and smoke for 1 hours. Then turn up the heat and grill them for 1 hour. Take ribs off the grill and carefully remove tin foil and if needed slather with more bbq sauce. Cook for another 30 minutes. Remove from heat let cool and eat.




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