Rosemary Garlic Marinade

My recipes are grain free, refined sugar free and most are dairy free. Have I always eaten grain free? No, I have not. Why have I changed my diet? I changed because my health was getting worse and worse. Doctors wanted to put me on more and more medications. I felt I had to do something to improve my health. I figured it couldn’t hurt. I have been on this new lifestyle diet since Oct. of 2017. My blood work, health, and energy have vastly improved. That is why I will stay with it. When my friends who are also grain free saw my photo’s of my meals they suggested I start a blog. At first, I thought that was silly.  But here I am. I hope you enjoy your food journey with me!!

Summertime is here. In my family, we do a lot of BBQing on our grill. No one likes to heat up there home in the summertime. I like to flavor my meat. If it’s flavorful then you don’t need a steak sauce or any other sauce. I use either a seasoning blend, a marinade or a combination of both. This is one of those that are a combination of both.

I am not a wine connoisseur. I don’t really care for the flavor of wine. I like white Moscato. Therefore I used white Moscato in this recipe. I like the flavor of rosemary. I twist a sprig of rosemary to release the oils. I then take the sprig of rosemary an rub it all over and across my choice of meat. I then put the sprig of rosemary inside the marinade. Use this marinade with beef or poultry.


1 tablespoon Garlicky Onion Seasoning

1 tablespoon or more of minced garlic

2 sprigs rosemary

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 cup white wine

1 Tablespoon Keto Nevada Sauce

4 lbs tri-tip roast


Salt and pepper all the sides of each roast. Sprinkle Garlicky Onion Seasoning on each side of each roast. Take a sprig of Rosemary and twist it to release the oils then take the sprig and brush both sides of both rosts with it. Place the Rosemary in a bowl or gallon plastic bag add wine, salt, vinegar, Keto Nevada Sauce and minced garlic. Twist the other sprig of Rosemary and place in bag. Place the roast inside the plastic bag and seal shut. Let marinate in fridge 6-8 hours. Remove roast from the fridge and allow steak to come to room temperature before cooking.


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  1. mistimaan says:

    Love to taste it


    1. Thanks for the comment. You are always so kind. Let me know if you try it.

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