Fresh Blueberry Pie

My recipes are grain free, refined sugar free and many are dairy free. With the help of a Functional Doctor, I was put on a restrictive diet to improve my health. My health and energy are returning. Most days are huge steps ahead but some days are filled with pain and sleeplessness. Most of the time I can see and feel the progress. Some days are hard because I have chronic urticaria (basically hives). I still have them every day either in the morning or at night. If I get them at night it will wake me out of my sleep. I also have fibromyalgia and sometimes the pain will wake me up. These sound terrible but are milder than they used to be. I can feel that my physical health is better but I can also prove it with my blood work. It is a process. Just know that if you are on this journey of reclaiming your health I know the difficulty and hardships in following a grain free, refined sugar free.

Why do I write grain free, refined sugar and limited dairy?  When I first started this journey my diet was a lot more restrictive. At first, I felt that I was doomed to a life of bland cardboard tasting food. I started researching and experimenting. Some days the experiments didn’t turn out at all and I was left devastated. I really dislike waste not to mention that the items used in my recipe are costlier than most regular products on the market. But the more I researched the more I experimented the more I learned. I am no longer a novice trying to figure out alternative products. I have a new found confidence in writing recipes. I am very grateful to a couple of friends (I have known since high school) who have encouraged me for a number of years. They have always cheered me on! Thanks, GUYS!! You know who you are!! Their encouragement means the world to me.

My husband’s Norwegian grandmother used to make blueberry pies when we would visit her in the woods in Minnesota. She was an incredible and amazing woman. I don’t think she was afraid of anything. While this is not my husband grandmother’s recipe it is a nod to her. So to all the Bestamor’s out there thanks for being so resilient. This recipe came about after I made a fresh Strawberry Pie and it made me think why aren’t there other pies like it. This pie is full of fresh not cooked blueberries and the texture and flavor is delicious.

*(Bestamor = Grandmother in Norwegian)

1 Almond Flour Crust or Graham Cracker Like Crust other pie crust pre-baked

1 Recipe Fresh Cinnamon Blueberry Glaze

3 – 4 cups fresh blueberries


There are two ways to put the pie together

1) The first way is to add the glaze to the blueberries and stir. Pour the blueberry glaze into the pre-baked cooled crust.

2) Or the second way is to add a small amount of Blueberry Glaze to the bottom and sides of a pie crust. Add the remaining glaze to 3 – 4 cups of blueberries. Stir until well combined. Pour the blueberry and glaze into a pre-cooked and cooled pie crust. Slice and eat Fresh Blueberry Pie


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