Jalapeno Orange Marmalade Glazed Chicken Quarters

My recipes are grain free, refined sugar free and many are dairy free.  My recipes are good for those with food allergies or autoimmune illnesses. I have found renewed energy and improved health as is indicated by my lab results. Some days are still filled with pain or insomnia but all in all, it is way better.  If it were not for the encouragement of my friends this blog would not exist. I am very blessed by all of my friends.

It is my hope that in some small way I can lift you up, encourage you or just bring a little smile to your face. That stopping by to read my blog will somehow brighten your day if only for a moment. You never know when someone might need a smile, a kind word or just a little encouragement. Perhaps we can all go out and encourage others. Thanks for reading my blog and being here. I hope your day is blessed!

The cuisine I grew up with was mostly Swedish or Scandinavian. It is a very mild cuisine. Due to that fact I cannot handle spicy things. I do however enjoy mildly spicy things. I didn’t eat any dishes with Jalapeno’s until sometime in my 30’s when a friend introduced me to mild jalapeno dishes. After that, I was hooked on Jalapenos.  I love developing rich flavors. This recipe is both sweet and spicy which is a nice blend. It has a lovely level of heat blended with a hint of sweetness from my homemade mouthwatering orange marmalade.


1 recipe Lime Jalapeno Marinade

2 recipe Orange Jalapeno Marmalade Glaze

2 – 3 lbs Chicken Leg Quarters


Preheat your BBQ. Place your chicken leg quarters into the marinade and marinate for 4 hours or overnight. Remove chicken from the fridge an hour before you are going to cook and bring to room temperature. Remove the chicken from the marinade and place on a baking dish with sides. Heat up Jalapeno Marmalade Glaze. Once the glaze is warm use a pastry brush and brush glaze on both sides of chicken. Place your chicken skin side up and cook for 15 minutes per side. Before you flip reglaze the chicken on both sides. BBQ another 15 minutes. If you are using a digital thermometer cook until chicken reaches 160 internal temperature. Remove from heat and let sit 10 – 15 minutes before eating. Place a small amount of glaze on serving plates to use as a dipping sauce.






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