Siente Chips

This is review is for Siente Chips

*Notes I have received no remuneration of any kind for this review.

I went to the store and purchased these chips

It’s really hard to go grain free and refined sugar free. Most of the food that is currently on the market tastes like cardboard or worse. What’s the point to even packaging it. SO I was pretty skeptical when I found Siente tortillas and tortilla chips. So as you can guess I was quite surprised when I first opened the package of tortillas to make chicken tacos.

These tortillas require you to heat them first. My favorites are the tortillas in the pink and blue wrapper that are made of almond flour, then the teal and blue package made with cassava and coconut, and lastly the purple and blue package that contains cassava and chia.

The almond is my favorite because I like the taste just a touch better than the cassava and coconut flour. I personally don’t really care for the texture the seeds in the Cassava and chia seeds give the tortilla but they are also good.

First, the smell is good. Second, the texture is similar to corn tortillas. The fool your mind and tongue into believing that it is some sort of corn. Do they taste like almond flour or cassava flour? The answer is an astounding no. They do have a tendency to tear. But the flavor, texture, and taste are all there. What a pleasure it is to have found a tortilla so that now I can make Mexican food and it will be yummy.

There are several options for purchasing these chips. I can buy them locally at Natural Grocers, or you can purchase them online directly from the Siente company or even from Amazon. The only drawback is the price. They are the only grain free chip I know on the market.

Now for Siente’s tortilla chips. I have adjusted my diet to improve my health. The only oils that I use are avocado, grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and butter.  I no longer eat grains, refined sugar and have limited my dairy. So most snack items are out. But imagine my surprise when I found that Siete Foods also made tortilla chips. They have three different flavors Sea Salt, Lime, and Nacho. My favorite for sure is Nacho.

When you open the chip bag and smell it the aroma is delightful. They smell like tortilla chips. The taste is off the hook. My favorite is Nacho, then Lime, and last is Sea Salt. But I like them all.

They are thinner than a Dorito. And I do wish they were a bit thicker. However, they are about the same thickness as a Mexican Restaurant chip. They are super yummy with guacamole and salsa. However, they do have a tendency to break when trying to get a lot of guacamole. I have yet to make some yummy nacho’s. But I can’t wait.

The nacho chip is a bit spicy they are addictive. You may just eat the whole bag. The lime chips are super with guacamole or salsa. The Sea Salt are good and taste almost exactly like the chips you get in a Mexican restaurant. I guess because I am grain free and can’t eat any other chip on the market I prefer the one with the most flavor.

Several stores in my area currently sell the Lime and Sea Salt chips. I recently purchased Nacho chips online from Siente Foods. Even though customer service is all through email their customer service is awesome. I had made an error when I ordered. As soon as I say my mistake I immediately contacted them through email. They got back to me the next day saying no problem and corrected my mistake. To me that’s Awesome.

Again the only drawback I see is the price. They cost roughly $5.50. But when you are grain free and most of the food out there that are marketed at you are not at all flavorful or tasty. These are some of my favorite treats.

*Notes I have received no remuneration of any kind for this review.

LaRena's Corner
Siente Chips Nacho Flavor Made with Cassava Flour and Avocado Oil

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