Homemade Horseradish


HorseradishMy recipes are grain free, refined sugar-free and most are dairy free.  At Christmastime, I mistakenly thought I could use store bought horseradish from a jar from the store. Once I looked at the ingredients I found that I would have to make my own. Luckily I live in Nevada, the USA where many restaurants serve Prime Rib and horseradish, so it makes finding horseradish in the local store easy. If you like creamy horseradish it is easy to make by mixing my horseradish with some sour cream or homemade Keto Coconut sour cream. So here is my recipe. Can be used with Mustard and Orange Horsey Sauce or for use with Keto Prime Rib.


1-inch horseradish root

1/8 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon white wine vinegar

1 teaspoon Keto Nevada Sauce



Peel horseradish root. Cut 1 inch into disks. Place in a food processor until chopped. Allow a couple of minutes if you want strong horseradish. If you want a milder horseradish add salt right away. Be careful this smell is strong and can cause your eyes to water worse than chopped onions. Don’t lean over to smell it as it is very pungent.






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